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PostSubject: PRIVATE DETECTIVE   07.06.08 2:48

Je n'ai pas trouvé les paroles sur le forum
merci si vous avez

Vous etes ici sur le forum

--- NEW !!  le site

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Gene's life year by year with pictures !

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PostSubject: Re: PRIVATE DETECTIVE   04.01.09 18:02

Words and music : Gene Vincent, credited to Sheri Ann.

Recording date : 15 avril 1964.

Recording location : Olympic Sound Studios, London.

Backing group : The Shouts.

Musiciens : Tim Bates (lead guitar), John Reece (bass guitar), Eric Baker (organ), Jim Field (tenor sax), Victor Clarke (drums).

First publishing : single UK Colombia DB 7343 (8/64).

Lyrics :

Well I was standing on this corner
When this pretty chick walked by
When she paused beside the lampost
She was a-givin' me the eye
I walked slowly over to her
I whispered real polite
Let's me and you get together baby
And rock and roll tonight
And baby, rock and roll we did
She was a rock and rollin' kid
I played it cool, I played it smart
I didn't know she'd break my heart
I took her round the corner
Right into my eighty-eight
We had a lot of miles to cover
And the hour was getting late
That's when she handed me a Bible
I took a little snore
She said, go ahead and kill it baby
I got another court
And then rock and roll we did
She was a rock and rollin' kid
I played it cool, I played it smart
I didn't know she'd break my heart
I took her up to my appartment
Put some coffee on to brew
I put some records on the player
As the clock was strikin' two
That's when the sad news hit me
Cut me like a knife
She was a private detective
Workin' for my wife
We didn't rock and roll no more
There came a loud know of the door
There stood my wife with cops Good Lord
I tried to pull him to the floor
Now I'm sittin' in the jailhouse
Got no one to give me bail
Hope that you have learned a lesson
From this downhearted tale
Doublecross your woman
Better think it over twice
Cause if you cross your woman
Then she sure won't be nice
Hey honey, say I didn't know that woman
Say, she just walked into my room and a-
Just introduced herself
Say baby, you know I wouldn't do you no wrong
Say, honey say, you know I'm always true to you
Say baby say, don't put me in jail honey
Say, you know I'm true to you
Say, oh baby say, please honey
Please, Lord have mercy upon my soul
You know I wouldn't do you wrong baby
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