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 New remastered Gene CD"A Million Shades of Blue"

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PostSubject: New remastered Gene CD"A Million Shades of Blue"   13.05.08 22:23

Hi to All
I few Weeks ago I got a Present from my Boyfriend, he gave to me the new remastered Gene CD "A Million Shades of Blue" its made in UK 2008. I saw this in Ebay before but pay no attention to it, because I have all of those Songs on CD In great Sound Quality.
But when I listen to this new Release I be very happy with it! The Sound Quality is amazing, some of my Favorite songs like Sunshine , High on Life and Looking back, sounded in much better full sound.
Its really worth to buy this CD it included this 16 Songs.
1. Sunshine
2. I Need A Woman's Love
3. Slow Times Comin'
4. Danse Colinda
5. Geese
6. 500 Miles
7. Listen To The Music
8. If Only You Could See Me Today
9. Million Shades Of Blue
10. Tush Hog
11. How I Love Them Old Songs
12. High On Life
13. North Carolina Line
14. You Can Make It If You Try
15. Our Souls
16. There Is Something On Your Mind
17. Day The World Turned Blue
18. Boppin' The Blues
19. Looking Back
20. Oh Lonesome Me
21. Woman In Black

Also the CD comes with a lovely little Booklet with great Liner Notes , here are my favorites from this 

Liner Notes by Tim Tooher February 2008
" Rock N Roll made Flesh .Collapsing greaser's quiff. Black Leather.Permanent Limp.Eyes always fixed on something unseen above.Otherwordly and grounded.Dreamlike and real.So perfect that its hard to believe he existed.Be Bop a lula shes my Baby. and I dont mean maybe!"

"Gene couldn't sing without love in his Voice. If you want to have your Heart broken in just over 3 Minutes you could do worse than search "Gene Vincent Rainbow1959" on Youtube. Its one of the most spectral,haunted and haunting theree Minutes of Music you could ever wich to hear. His Voice is so naked and raw that listening to it almost hurts. I can not hear it without flinching.If the Souls exists it sounds like Gene Vincent singing sweet!Gene singing Judy Garland in 1959 proves that there was always more to him than just the leather -clad- Rock n Roll Rebel.
Aside from the Attiude,the Clothes,The Peerless Hair, the Limp,what made Gene Vincent great was his Voice.
He could sung the six o clock News and made it sound sublime!!"
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PostSubject: Re: New remastered Gene CD"A Million Shades of Blue"   14.05.08 0:10

thanks martina

merci de nous traduire pour que tout le monde comprenne - a celui qui peut

Vous etes ici sur le forum

--- NEW !!  le site

Le Fan Club Lonely Street sur Myspace international :

Gene's life year by year with pictures !

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New remastered Gene CD"A Million Shades of Blue"
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